Good high power IR emitters for a copper heatsink-based floodlight


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Mar 17, 2008
Ill Annoy
I recently snagged a 6 ounce copper heat sink from an industrial control PC. About 3" x 4" on the flat, 3.5mm thick plate, with very intricate raised fins in a tight pattern on the fan side. My first thought was to stick some high power LEDs on it. I can get access to equipment to drill/tap for machine screws to hold 'star' emitters in place or use a heat transfer adhesive (if there's any that are actually usable).

I'd like to make an IR illuminator in any case so this seems to be a good opportunity. It'll be line powered not battery/portable, installed in a project case with a fan, but for a weather-protected location. I'm hoping for more of a 'flood' of illumination out to 20-25 feet at most, not a spotlight. Currently planning on using a 'generic' switching power supply with output appropriate to the load for the chosen LEDs, and an appropriate regulator. Full on/off is all I need, not a dimmable.

I've seen 3w and 5w stars, as well as many 1w (I call them bubbles, not sure of the correct term) with two leads. STRICTLY going from what I've read, I'd prefer the 940nm ones that don't show visible red glow unless the tradeoffs in illumination are too high.

Info and recommendations appreciated.