Graham SPT Knife Review


Aug 3, 2002
I so love pics...
BFC Passaround thread is HERE

I had the Graham SPT for the past few weeks riding on a MercHarness. I just started puttin pants on today and that was quite the project :haha:
Watch the zipper....YIKES!!!!
I got this in my pudgie wee hands when I saw a post mentioning it. I never saw it before. Turns out the SPT is one of their first designs.
Everyone's so GAGA over the uniqueness of the Razel I overlooked this beauty.
I pleaded, cried, offered many things to have this in my hands. J&J Graham relented and here's the tale.

This is Kevin. A handsome MAN. Genetics I think...X chromosome.

OK. OK back to the blade....
It's a right little handful. I like my knives for edc on the below 4 inch size.
This fits the mitt real well. The curve to the handle fits the hand and projects the blade into a user position for thrusting, edc work, etc....

The wood on this ain't wood at all...IT"S MICARTA. What wonderful work this is.

It is 154 blade steel.....How do I know that...
<font color="blue">I told Josh that this cut so well and maintained an edge so long that it proved that they should make all their knives out of S30V. (I'm an S30 snob) </font>

<font color="red">The Sombech about floored me and took my speech away when he tol me that it's 154....DAMN!!!!!
There's a rip in the fabric of my S30 universe.... </font>

It ain't easy to make me speechless!!!!

Here it's makin several quick passes, after bein used for a coupla edc weeks and no sharpening.....
The grind on this is incredible. I have great respect for Jerry Hossom and the info he's put out on the abilities of 154 when properly heat treated and ground. This proves his points once again. I guess i didn't believe ity till now...Experience is KING!
A GREAT STEEL AND grind. I love the blade shape.
Notice how thin I can cut with this. It was a joy in the kitchen, slicin and dicin.
EDC stuff like boxes, envelopes..etc was a breeze. Edge held forever!!
These pics were today and I didn't even give it a lick on my strop...




Look at the edge on this baby! A stout blade!!! I didn't take pics of my thrustin it into wood and twisting it to burrow a hole. No tip bending here /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

This is surprisingly light and the curve of the handle is a beaut. The ease of draw with the Mercharness is truly a joy


The Kydex sheath and Teklok didn't get a workout cause of my one armedness /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

This fit the hand in all grips


Here's why I wasn't modeling for this lovely piece of steel art
With a gut like this I'm surprised I didn't do a field Lipocutomy (word???)

Jon and Josh will have this for their table atBlade...Or they're comin after me.

Some more pics
Lipocutomy may be a good idea




Tom <font color="blue">