Grey Ghost Gear - Test In Progress (TIP) Box Opening



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Feb 20, 2004
Gear Challenge received a box of new GEAR (with initial impressions) from Grey Ghost GEAR. Yeah, LOTS of "GEAR" references there and not to be REDUNDANT, we are anxious to get this GEAR in the field for a TIP (Test In Progress) of said GEAR and will report on same soon in this same thread. Thank you...

Items in box:
- Apparition bag (Grey/Orange)
- UGF Belt: (Grey UGF)
- Wanderer bag (Tan)
- Accommodator pouch (CB)

WARNING! WARNING! :D There is a pretty lady-friend in this "unboxing video." In the video she wears clothing that to some, may be considered too "provocative" and her presence may offend people of a "restrictive" or frustrated nature. Therefore, if you are offended by a playful and pretty lady who expresses her own opinion and observations about some useful gear (albeit without the experience of some of us that use this type of gear), DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO.



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Oct 5, 2006
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Your warning just adds to the mystique of this trashy post. The way you lined up your shots and your sublime audio are offensive to what I thought was a family forum.

This is post needs to be deleted. It is not the place for you to show of some young girl friend, you hooked up with

Grow up! No one cares!!

Moderators: Delete this post! It does not rise to your level of quality. Also, the amount of money I spend on lights of your custom makers and advertisers will stop, if this is allowed to continue. How it remained this long is apaulling.

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