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Haiku XML and heat and IR thermometer

Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 4, 2012
Question for anyone...

I run my Haiku XML long enough for it to get really warm...

but when I use my IR thermometer on the warmest part of the Haiku,
it shows temps that I think must be below actual temp

my fingertips tell me it is far warmer.

other lights (anodized non-Ti lights I have), the IR thermometer shows what I expect
from the temp based on fingertip feel....

a) is this because titanium does odd things to the IR signature, or are IR signatures
always accurate regardless of material

b) or is this because when I touch warm Ti, I feel it more than an anodized light due to
heat transfer ?

I have no problem with the light whatsoever, just wondering if 'Ti and IR thermometers' are somehow
different and you need to do any added calculations to get a accurate reading from polished Ti


May 1, 2002
I am by no means an expert on this but as I understand it, different surfaces have different emissivities, and this needs to be factored in when attempting to read the temperature of the material. With a FLIR camera you can calibrate based on the emissivity of the surface. I found it was easier to put some masking tape over the light and read the temp of the surface of the tape as its emissivity is 1 or 100% for all intents and purposes. Try putting some masking tape on the light and then take a reading with your IR thermometer.