Halloween is coming to Armytek!


Apr 11, 2011

Halloween is coming soon. Any ideas what does it mean?
This very day last year we presented the legendary Wizard C2 Pro — the most popular multi flashlight in Armytek range. Once you've worked with Wizard C2 Pro, you'll never want to part with it.

→ Excellent multitasking: opportunity to use it as a headlamp, EDC and bicycle flashlight.
→ Powerful electronics provides an impressive light of up to 2500 lumens brightness and record runtime of up to 200 days.
→ Innovative optical system forms light that illuminates objects at a distance of up to 131 meters.
It's going to be a scarily interesting week!
We are waiting for a demon-haunted night — Halloween. They say that even brave men will experience fear. That's why Armytek team offers you to start the preparation in advance.

A beneficial proposal is awaiting you this Thursday. You'll get 4 hours to make a desired purchase at the best price.

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