Hamburgers & Hot Dogs: Best Places To Go / How Do You Make Them At Home?


Aug 9, 2015
John 3:16
When I was a kid we had a fabulous barbecue joint called HillTop. The owner closed the doors and walked away when the gubment took his land to widen a road. That was in the 1980's. Burgers, hot dogs, fries and barbecue sandwiches were awesome.

The other day I had lunch in my town at a place called Tractor Museum, which is a tractor museum but it now has a popular restaraunt. I ordered the barbecue sandwich and fries. At first I knew I had eaten fries that yummy at some point in my life but could not remember where. The barbecue sandwich was juicy without sauce too. "Could it be? Nah" I thought. I remarked to the young waitress "best barbecue and fries since HillTop" thinking she'd have no idea where I meant. She says "we get that a lot"…… I peaked around a corner into the kitchen to see if an old fat man was back there. By now he'd be well into his 80's or perhaps 90's. But I did not see him. Yet his barbecue and french fry recipe is alive and well about 3 miles as the crow flies from his former restaraunt.
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