Happy as a pig in mud: MalZetta 2L-T


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Apr 24, 2015
Phoenix, AZ USA
I'm not a big fan of piece-parts lights generally, but I wasn't finding exactly what I wanted on the shelf anywhere with a single part number, so I did what had to be done - I broke down and ordered some pieces.

I'll just call it a MalZetta 2L-T. Aside from the most important 'piece' required for this little project, which I'll get back to: From the land of my 6th grade class, Elzetta supplied the new Bravo body and matching 'Hi-Lo' tailcap assy. From the land of my 1st grade class, Malkoff supplied the two optional sparky modules for the business end: M61 'N' & 'SHO', and also a (VME head) PC lens/o-ring/gasket set, and a 16650 cell (I had none) for initial testing. Oveready supplied the NIB Elzetta 'ZFL' head to house the other pieces above on the bright end.

A few minutes later, what I had in my hand is what would appear to be one very fine, seriously excellent example of a flashlight! It's early days of living room trial, but I think this is going to work for me. It feels / handles / operates like it was designed for my hand, and will likely meet and exceed my expectations. Obviously It shares a lot of its DNA w/my Z Alpha Gen3, so that helps a lot. It's TBD as one never knows for sure until something is used in anger / the field, but things look very promising at this point.

Finally, that most important 'piece' required for this thing is one I did not have to order, or pay $ for; it's the information I gleaned from the collective knowledge / experience of at least a couple of dozen users (probably more) of this site. Without that information, this light would not be in my hand - it's that simple. I was able to order stuff, some of which I'd never heard of, with reasonable confidence that it would all work together satisfactorily. If you posted info relating to any of these 'pieces' in the recent many months, or how they play together, or (in some cases) where they come from - I likely read it, and it certainly helped me. Too many to name, but you (hopefully) know who you are, and I hope you will consider yourself personally thanked. If I had to do a 'piece-parts' light, I think I did it right - with a little help. I owe y'all one.

...and another thing: Yeah, it was 'assembled in U.S.A.', by a life-long worker in U.S. industry, employed by U.S. companies, in U.S. locations :)
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Dec 25, 2016
New York
Elzetta's are built like bricks!! Toughest light out there imo.
I like the look of them especially their knurling look great. I'm just not a fan of how most of them run on 123's… it's a big turn off as I'd rather use 18650's / 18350's - also the candela seem to be a little lacking compared with other competition - looks like the most you'll get is 26k out of the HC head. While
Modlite is doing same size lights and getting 69k candela. With very similar output / runtime ect