Happy Fathers Day


Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
Another Father's day has come and gone at the Fixer home. We grilled like usual only at my house instead of my dad's (RIP) and sat in the shade under a 200 year old oak while the chicken was slow cooked. One son had to work the evening shift so we had lunch with him. One was in FLA so a phone call was in order there. One son is no longer with us (RIP). It was year 2 without him but the grill sat on a cinder block slab he helped build. One son made me a thinga-ma-jig to hold a flashlight with a 3D printer. One helped his mom turn an antique sink into a flower bed.

A good time was had by all. A wonderful breeze kept the climate around us comfy and the mosquitos at bay. After the sun went down Mrs Fixer and I continued enjoying the cool breeze while sitting under the tree watching lightning bugs.

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Not shown: the velcro strap that holds the flashlight to the gizmo.

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The sink is now a flower bed.
The junk in the back ground is a work in progress delapidated shed turned into a patio.
It sounds like you had a nice day.
Your son apparently is quite talented with a CAD system, and 3D printer.


*the raggedier*
Aug 11, 2003
im a father to a bannana tree. damn thing sure takes it times giving me nanas. should i ground it