Happy with first EDCs: Fenix LD10 and Victorinox "Signature Lite"


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Aug 5, 2009
Thought I'd toss in my thoughts after getting my first real flashlight since a mini-mag many many years ago. Maybe other noobs will find this helpful.

I could not be happier with these 2 lights as my EDC:
  • Fenix LD10 (new, with clip)
  • Victorinox Signature Lite (#53186): White LED, pen, scissors, etc.

The new clip is what finally sold me on the Fenix. I liked the Fenix UI but HAD to have a clip to keep it from bouncing around in my pocket. I do wish the clip held the light a lower in the pocket though. The clip also makes it easier to hold on to.

The common complaint of the Fenix is that the low isn't low enough. This mini Victorinox has a nice low-level white LED and is a perfect companion to the LD10. (the pen and scissors get used all the time)

P.S. the wifey stopped smirking when I was first to an auto accident out front of our house one night. My light was brighter than the cop's. :D
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Boss Hogg

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Oct 9, 2009
Golden State
I just got the older LD10 and a few other AA flashlights myself recently. I'm satisfied with the purchase. Since it has a rather simple interface it's a light that I know even my wife can use when I'm not around. Didn't even bother trying to show her how to use the D10 and Quark AA NW, these are strictly for me!


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Sep 29, 2002
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I have an older version L1D RB100 and love it.

My wife took it away from me but I get to visit from time to time.

I am waiting for Victorinox to come out with an XP-G version of their little keychain combo knife. Mine does not have the light or pen in it but one of the variants of the classic has been hanging on my keys since I started to carry keys 25 years ago.