Harbor Freight free 50 lumen headlamps finally decent


Newly Enlightened
Oct 1, 2015

A long time ago, Harbor Freight used to give away free headlamps that used a weak incandescent bulb and 2 AA varieties. This yellow colored model wasn't even worth the effort.

Today, went in to get the latest 50 lumen 2AA model for free, and it's decent! Tight focus, throw easily goes 20-30 feet at might, and whatever it's shining on is visible and easily seen. Uneven, so you can see a ring of brighter light and slightly darker center up close, while farther away, bright center spot with darker circle around the center spot.

Obviously, no comparison versus the 3AAA 200 lumen Ozark Trail headlamp (the non-cob model with secondary side red/wide white leds, and auto-light level adjustment). See photos to compare. Also about twice as bright as an 2 AA mini maglite converted using the niteize led upgrade module.

Amazing that years ago, people paid $$ for dim mini maglites (mine was a freebie), but today, a free headlamp coupon at Harbor Freight gets you something bright and decent for the price. Esp. Good for tossing into the car and such for emergency use.

1/2 second, iso 100, f/3.5 for both beam photos. Indoors, pointed up in a bedroom from a seat.


Feb 26, 2014
I never pass up any free light, or free batteries for that matter at Harbor Freight.


Because I can always loan out that light or just give it away. You can never have enough lights. You can never have enough batteries.

In a long-term power down/outage situation, I would go through lesser quality batteries and maybe a few lesser quality lights before I would break out the higher priced alkalines and/or the lithium's.