have you seen this? Cannons new 120mp slr with truecolour night vision!


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Jul 31, 2015
Nth East NSW.
I have seen it,but your heading is wrong.The nightvision is not a 120mp DSLR,it is a network camera.The 120mp has no night vision capability.

Saying that,the technology is very cool though


Jan 13, 2005
As the digital march moves on, a new super sensitive camera offering daylight true colours, i have not seen any passive nightvision with anything other than green amplified light, with rare earth magnets, that makes them very expensive.


Keep in mind this is not nightvision in the sense that we would normally think of it. It appears heavily oriented towards stills. From what I have read, it's a combination of good sensor sensitivity (we are at a bit of a wall in that though), a very fast lens, very good image processing that is able to pull out color details even in the presence of image noise, some longer exposures coupled with shorter exposures to balance potential motion.

So we get a 120 or 250mpixel sensor .... how much are the lenses going to be? Most lenses now in full-frame top out at well under that in terms of usable resolution, and I am not talking cheap lenses either. I am expecting this will require new lenses likely with fairly simple elements, and the compensation for imaging issues in the digital domain. It may be hard to marry cost effectively with zooms.