Sold/Expired HDS High Noon Clickie - User- BUY AN HDS AND GET A SUREFIRE FREE!!!!-SOLD Thanks CPF



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Nov 21, 2019
Price dropped again. Guess I over estimated the enduring desire for HDS. Let’s sell this today. I’ll throw in another light I have absolutely no need to own any longer.

The G2 has an Oveready McClickie up grade. This light served wonderfully as or backyard light but like every other light we own ( except Eigers) Malkoff kicked them out of our lives.
G2 is the bonus gift so buy the HDS get a Surefire free!

G2 pics in second post!

Hello All,
Forsale is my last of many HDS lights. This light served me well as my EDC for a few years and shows some character. Its been shelf bound now as it serves me no purpose as its been replaced with task specific lights instead of one do it all.
This is the 5700K HiCri Nichia from a few years ago and has a fantastic beam and tint. Ships with both raised and recessed caps and the awesome dark sucks clip.
Asking $OLD net PayPal, Zelle, Venmo shipped but will look at a real offer. Only trade I am interested in would be towards a V7 neutral Wildcat head Or a Bodyguard V2.

Thanks for looking and reach out with any questions
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