Sold/Expired HDS Rotary in SDV30 CR123 body & Malkoff MD3 has been withdrawn. HDS rotary is sold!


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Apr 2, 2022
$OLD! have the HDS rotary in SDV30 for sale which will bring the original packaging & a cr123 and an extra black bezel. It has a flush button and is in pretty good condition. shipped via USPS priority shipping with insurance. PayPal F&F is much preferred ( with no notes ) or you can add the extra fees for G&S. I will leave that up to you. Was $340 now $320! $OLD

MD3 is withdrawn ! I also have a Malkoff MD3 set up with the hi/low ring and a m61W ( 3000k sst20 ) drop in and a m91BW drop in ( XPL 3000k) only a couple of months old , straight from Gene with a fairly new mcclicky as the original had went bad. I will also include two KP 18500’s which have not been used very much. I will also include the thrym switchback 2.0. Shipped via USPS priority with insurance. Same thing with PayPal as above.
MD3 is withdrawn!

If you have any questions feel free to message me. Once payment is sent, I will print labels the same day and drop them off the soonest I can at the post office afterwards. MD3 has been withdrawn.


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