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Sold/Expired HDS Rotary SDR50 Panda and two Vapcell 16340s. Like new. Malkoff M91BN dropin. Like new.


Newly Enlightened
Nov 21, 2020
Priority Shipping Included. CONUS only. Paypal Goods and Services only. No additional fees.

First "I'll take it" wins opportunity to buy. I will confirm winner and send PM with email address for Paypal. Please contact me with any questions. Sorry no apo's.

1. HDS Rotary SDR50 Panda. $350. (SOLD)

Like new. There are two small marks on the bezel that are circled. At least one of these was there when I received it new. There may be a few tiny dots of barely noticeable missing ano on the body (not noticeable in any of the pictures).

I am including two almost-new Vapcell 16340s, which only have a few cycles.


2. Malkoff M91BN. $65. (SOLD)

Like new.


If buyer doesn't pay or respond within a couple of days, back up offers of purchase will be contacted in order of posting to this thread.

Thanks for looking!
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