Headlamp for squid sight fishing


Newly Enlightened
Sep 21, 2013

Would appreciate some assistance with my lighting specifically for squid fishing. Normally I use a hand held light walking the rocky foreshore to spot the squid and then switch to a headlamp to give hands free access to cast and work the squid jig to the spotted squid.

I am super happy with my Fenix LD41 (520 lumens) for the handheld function but need something better in the headlamp department.

Recently I upgraded my Petzl tactikka which was terrible for this duty. After reading many reviews I upgraded to a Black Diamond Spot but alas it didn't quite live up to expectations on my last trip. Kinda like going blind when switching from the Fenix LD41 to the Black Diamond Spot and losing sight of the squid to cast to. A lot of the other squid guys use the Led Lenser H14 but I've heard mix reviews about the brand. However I like the fact that it can use AA as I've got plenty of Eneloops.

Thanks for any advice.