Heated rectangular LED headlights?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 26, 2013
Here in MD, I got to start my first day of my new job (yay!) by driving to work in driving snow. First time we've actually had real snow since I got the "new" Jeep, it handled it great as it should with near new AT tires and the NP242 transfer case. However, it has LED headlights unlike my old one which had Cibie H4s and a relay harness. Sure enough, I need heated ones. I remember when I got these, there weren't any 5x7 heated LEDs available. Search yields these

but over $700 for a pair of headlights? Yikes!

Are there any other options out there, or is that what it is?

Trying to decide if that'd be worth it, as this is the first time I've apparently driven in snow in over four years...


Mar 26, 2004
You're looking at spending roughly about that amount of money if you want good, effective, LED headlamps with heated lenses. The JW Speaker lights are primo. The Truck-Lites aren't as good, and aren't all that much cheaper. If that's too much money for your balance sheet, get Koito H4s with good bulbs and a relay setup from Stern and call it good.