Hello CPF!!


Sep 1, 2005
Hi All! LAPG is back to CPF as a supporting dealer. We have new website that is working great (the last one was not sooo great). My name is Sean and I am the actual Founder/President of LAPG.com. Let me first say that this section is not for customer service or giving you tracking #'s and stuff like that. Our HQ # is 661-600-7753 or here is our customer service section LAPG Customer Service. I can help if you are unable to get service via the above links. Also note that I will not be here everyday checking PM's or this section so if you are trying to reach me I may just not have logged in for a few days. Lastly, You guys and girls know a lot more about lighting devices than I do. Asking me super technical questions about LEDs and lumens refracting off the moon etc may not give you the info you are looking for. I plan on posting here about new products, trying to answer some questions that I know the answers to, and providing special CPF deals.