Hello from the Azores islands


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Mar 11, 2016
I tried a sample post the other day but it never appeared so I guess I did something wrong so here goes again!

I am a retired sailor living in the Azores and have always used Maglights until I was given a Surefire some years ago. Now I have become aware of the power of the LED lights and have ordered a couple of Convoy C8 as starters. I never realized how complex choosing LED and tint and driver, etc can be but I am learning from this forum.

Anyway, hello from me and hope to exchange ideas with you in the future, Jim


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Oct 31, 2007
Willamette Valley, OR
Hello Jim, :welcome:

I do see a record of your prior post ("New member trying to identify old Surefire light") in the /New Member Introductions/Practice Posting/ subforum; not only does that subforum get very minimal staff monitoring and general readership, but your thread was probably deleted due to certainly being off/topic for that specific-purpose subforum. You will find a vast amount of expertise on SureFires here, so if you were to post a pic of your SF in /General/ (or perhaps /Collecting/ if you are certain it is vintage / collectible), I'm certain you would get some assistance.

I can't recall seeing any CPF members from the Azores before, that could be a very small club indeed. :)
Best of luck with your LED lights.
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