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Newly Enlightened
Jan 17, 2013
Hello Dear Sirs and Madam's. If it delights you, let me just say that I greatly appreciate these forums! Over the last few years I've been using these forums as a great resource for information and opinions. I take great joy in reading about the latest LED technology and what people think of this and that flashlights. In fact, 4ish years ago I used these forums to make a well educated purchase and I acquired (at the time) the brightest LED flashlight ever made, for only $20 from China. For the life of me, I have no idea what website I bought it from BUT I still have it to this day. :)

No, I cannot tell you what kind of a flashlight it is because it was custom made. All I know is that it came from a bin and dispensed in excess of 1000 lumens. I hope all is well with you and I plan on asking the forums a good question. :)