Helmet light for cycling


Newly Enlightened
Apr 14, 2008
Hello guys !

I'd have preferred to DIY this, but I don't see how to build a proper waterproof housing...

do you guys know any light that would be :

- helmet mountable

- as light as possible

- runs off one 18650 cell (my dynamo system recharges those)

- has a red light at the rear (this is the most difficult one to find !)

- waterproof

- decent amount of light, decent beam, not a searchlight

- doesn't break when you look at it wrong

As for the form factor... that's not important.

I need this as a backup to my dynamo light, and I like to be able to aim my light too.

I could also modify an existing light to add the rear red light, but don't know what light to start from.

Thanks for any advice !