Help me choose: HDS, RRT-0, V10R, E1E Custom


Dec 3, 2004
I am selling my Nitecore SR3 because while it's perfect for around the house, (I'm now using a PD30-R4 for this) it's just a hair too big in dia. for pocket carry outside of the house. I want a slimmer single cell light that will do at least what this will in a smaller dia. I know that some of these would require mods, but I am looking for crenelated bezel, tail standing is a plus, anti-roll feature, a spot for tritium or glo-ring, and multi modes with good low-low.

I'm looking at several, and here are my thoughts on each.

HDS EDC 170 E/T: I'm sure it will be of the highest quality and best knurling of the bunch. I am slightly put off by the lower output and GD emitter rather than XR-E/XP-G. Also slightly concerned about no anti-roll properties w/o clip, but could always install the clip screws into the body to help with that. Also have the Moddoo (sp?) Ti. clip option, but would VERY rarely use it as a pocket clip.

RRT-0: I am a little concerned with overall quality on the yet unreleased models that should be shipping next week. I'm not a gambler, so I can't stand tint lottery or other possible issues like flickering, sloppy control ring, weak detents, etc. I have had a Jet III-M and had to exchange my first example for replacement and I just never fell in love with it and it's un-anodized threads behind the head. The pocket clip was also horrible and both broke on removal.

V10R: No previous experience with Sunwayman, but this Ti. model looks awesome, yet very simple. It doesn't seem to be very efficient or have the most output / runtime, but it's Ti.! I think the titanium might be suckering me in over it's build and features...???

E1E Custom: I am thinking about using a Surefire E1E or compatible replacement body with an E2D tail and head if it will fit, or possibly the stock anti-roll head with replacement bezel if they exist and a multi-mode drop-in. Problem is I can't keep up and don't follow flashlights closely enough (thanks to guns / knives) to know what my options are for a good lego. I also want to avoid cheap foreign drop-ins. If I was spending the money to lego with custom or SF parts, I want a drop-in with great tint, perfect focus/throw/spill, very efficient and regulated with the best of em. I also don't want to overspend when I could have something just as good but not lego'd for less moeny.

Anyone have any input for me to consider? I want to stay in the $150 or so neighborhood.