Help me on a surefire L2 luxV to MCE mod that has a symptom now


Dec 17, 2007
Vancouver, Washington, West Coast
I have modded my surefire L2 from a luxV to an MCE. I have done MANY mods but this is the first couple with an MCE. I researched the wiring diagrams, have repeated them in my other lights I just did, however the L2 has a symptom that is making me wonder.
When activating first stage low with depressing the tail or twisting, only two dies of the four light up at a low output, when pressed to high, all four light up to a high output.
I view this through a number 10 welding lens and they all are as far as I can see, even in brightness at either two or the four dies.
I have viewed my soldier joints with a 7x loupe, fluxed and flowed the soldier very well and redid three times incase I missed something. It appears to be ok except for the two vs four low vs high symptom.
It exhibits the symptom out of the head in a hobby vise and installed in the L2 assembled. What did I miss? And yes, all four of the luxV were lit in low and high before the mod. How do I know? because as a flashoholic, I have viewed them through the welding lense just to see what all the little grids look like:grin2:
Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the replies.