Help me protect my flashlights and choose another in the meantime :)



My Lights:

Quark Turbo 123(2), Quark Mini 2AA, Fenix TK-45, SolarForce Monster Thrower Masterpiece Pro 1 Kit, Energizer 1watt 2AA Tactical

I have Energizer Lithium (8X, 4X hehe) L91s, Duracell AA Alkalines. I read about leaking batteries. This is a big no no.

What can I do to prevent leaks? Or should I change the chemistry all together and do away with alkalines? I have Duracell alkalines in my Finix TK-45 right now. And all the rest of my lights in the list above are lithium using L91s. I had L91s in my TK45 until I read they were not goo for the TK45. I only had my TK45 on for less then a minute with them in before I switched my brand new light to alkalines.

Enlighten me.

I saw a Energizer Family Charger at Target.

PS: At the end of you message. Suggest me a beautiful bright light in a small size. I like the looks of my Quarks, Energizer, simple(rest of my lights are oblong and ugly lol). Yes, looks matter to me :). I want a small simple looking light like those with a big BRIGHT HIGH LUMEN heart. hehe.

Thanks again guys. Looks what I am turning into, a Manlight. I wish I had named myself Manlight instead of AnimalMother.