Help needed to begin upgrading a cheap HID I just purchased...


Newly Enlightened
Oct 6, 2012
Hi. I just bought one of those cheap 85W "8500 Lumen" HID flashlights from China, on eBay. If anyone reading this is familiar with these, I don't need to explain further. But I knew what I was getting into. Now rather than just leave it on the shelf, never to use it again, I would like to modify it a little to see if I can't make it a little more practical. This will eventually involve changing from the supplied, unknown quality, battery-pack to devising a method of utilizing multiple 18650 Li-ion or similar. Or alternatively, somehow replacing the provided "dumb" charger with one that won't overcharge (and damage) my battery-pack if I happen to forget that I have it going, and go somewhere leaving the battery-pack to exceed its safe charging time, thus damaging it. However, none of this is the immediate focus of this post.

What it is I want to do immediately, and for which I'm asking for helpful feedback with, is to replace the existing crudely shaped reflector with a true parabolic reflector; of an optimal size and profile, of course, to fit to this application. However, where the heck can I affordably buy a small selection of reflector sizes and profiles to try out? I can probably make different parabolic reflector shapes, readily enough. But to give them a reasonably reflective surface is an endeavor I will have to invest an amount of time and money in (to buy the necessary equipment and supplies) many times in excess of what I've paid for this light. Therefore I've come here to ask for suggestions, references, or even (if possible) point me to affordable ("non-industrial scale sized orders only") surface electroforming vendors. I understand there is at least one member here who has made and sold custom reflectors to other CPF members in the past. "Fivemega" is a name that comes to mind. Whether he or another member can help me out here or not, I of course don't know.

Thanks in advance,