Hi/Seeking Advice for EDC Fenix Flashlight (Specific Reqs)



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Dec 31, 1969
First of all I would like to say hi to everyone! I was looking into buying a flashlight and I came across this forum. Seems like a rather cool place! ;)

I was hoping I could utilize all of your considerable knowledge and expertise in flashlights to help me pick the right one. It would be most appreciated. :)

I am looking for flashlight that can be comfortably carried in the front pocket of my jeans or in a coat/jacket pocket for random night excursions. I'm completely new to buying flashlights and so this will be my first serious flashlight. I want something that will last at least a few years and it will likely be the only flashlight I own for a while.

  • LED
  • Not too pricey ($50 is about my upper limit)
  • LED
  • not too bulky/heavy (For EDC)
  • AA or AAA batteries
  • Forward clicky (Is the danger of accidental activation great? I guess I can live w/ a reverse clicky or maybe a twisty switch)
  • 2 light levels (More is ok but I prefer simple. As long as I can use it for close up work and also checking out the backyard)
  • Type III anodizing (preferred)
  • Sturdy pocket clip

That's about it. I'm willing to compromise on some features if there is a flashlight that is better but doesn't have them.

I did some of my own researching and came across the Fenix L1T which seems to fit my requirements. Correct me if I'm wrong? The only thing it doesn't have is the pocket clip. Those of you who have it what do you think about it? Comfortable to pocket carry? Not easy to accidentally turn on?

It's pretty much the same price as the LD10 so I'm wondering if I should get that instead. From what I gather though it isn't a forward clicky and is heavier and larger. However, it has a pocket clip which I really want. I don't know how sturdy the clip is though.

So flashlight experts: What should I get? :D


Jan 19, 2010
(I didn't find this in any cache but I still had the text of my 12/28/10 reply to this thread, as follows)

Here are some other candidates you could screen further.

Twisty AA: Maratac AA, ITP A2, Quark Mini AA (#10 on the must-have list https://www.candlepowerforums.com/threads/279454), Fenix LD15.

Twisty AAA: Maratac AAA, ITP A3 Upgrade Edition (#8 on must-have list), 4Sevens Preon 1 or Preon Revo, Fenix LD01, IlluminaTi.

Side clicky: Proton Pro, ZebraLight SC50+ or SC51 (or H51 as an angle light).

Tail clicky: Quark AA Regular or Quark AA Tactical (#9 on must-have list), 4Sevens Preon (with optional tail switch), JetBeam Jet-1 Pro, Olight I15 (has holster not clip), Dereelight C2H, Lumintop L1A, ITP SA1 Eluma, Lumapower Trust 1, Sunwayman M10A.

I left out the LiteFlux LF2X (twisty) and LF2XT (clicky), they are wonderful but too hard to get.

Note that if you otherwise like a light that has no clip, sometimes it's possible to find a clip that fits it well, search the forums.


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Mar 10, 2011
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For a AA flashlight I'd recommend the Quark AA with either the "Regular" UI (where you cycle through each output setting) or the Quark AA with the "Tactical" UI (where you program the 2 settings from the 5 output options plus blinky options.) If you use a 14500 Li-ion rechargeable battery in this light it pumps out 200 lumens....nice, and still can run on any other style AA battery (eneloop, alkaline, & lithium.) This light is $57, but with the discount code "cpf8" it ends up being close to $50.

The Fenix LD10 is a good one too, but cannot run on a 14500 Li-ion rechargeable battery. I could not find the Fenix L1T that you mentioned.


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Mar 10, 2011
I use a Fenix LD10 R4 as EDC and loving it!

If you find it on the heavy side, you can check the smaller and lighter LD15 R4 that has two modes: low 8 lumens and high 117 lumens w/o a pocket clip.

LD01 R5 stainless steel uses AAA battery and three modes: high 77 lumens, medium 28 lumens and really low 3 lumens w/o a pocket clip.

If you want a small AAA flashlight w/ a pocket clip, you should check LD01 Q5 (high 80 lumens, medium 27 lumens, low 10 lumens)

good luck!

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