High CRI Preon


Jul 30, 2008
Well, I was buying holiday season gifts this year, and both sets of my parents have use of a light, portable illumination tool that offers quality color rendition. One will use it for door-keys, walking the dog, etc. and size is of key importance. One will use it for working on machines in the dark, walking, and navigating dark hall-ways in a non-confrontational environment, and one will use it for working on PC's.

I got the High CRI Preon for the PC one.
I got the Warm Preon for the Indoor/outdoor/mechanical one.
I got the compact XP-G2 Preon for the dog-walking key-chain one.

I got myself a high CRI Preon as I work in the medical field and being able to see what I am looking at is #1.

I am blown away by these things! Very impressed!!! Build quality is what I would call "good", and performance is amazing!