HIVE McG converter used in the Aqua line of lights.


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Feb 5, 2014
Nope. My AquaMule Modded by Vinh to a CRI XML2 runs pretty regularly on 2.2A. Of course when it gets hot I'll back off, but there is plenty of mass to let it run awhile. I wouldn't tailstand it for an hour at 2.2A though..
Thanks for the update.
Did you notice a big difference? Brightness and heat?


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May 5, 2015
Of course I agree that both a lower low output and no PWM or a faster PWM are desirable and have been requested by some. Further improvements will require careful optimizations of the driver hardware and that was out of scope this time unfortunately. I hope to eventually have a revised hardware that can achieve this.
For now the 650Hz PWM on output levels below about 15 mA is a necessary compromise that is admittedly not ideal but still an improvement over the current 3S drivers IMHO.

The default output currents of the new driver are going to be 12 - 114 - 391 - 1000 mA. You can set the maximum to 1200 mA through the setup and set the lowest to about 3 ... 6 mA as i had outlined above.

At the 1000ma or 1200ma level, will the driver require a 4.2volt battery or will it run on a primary at the higher levels? What is the drive limit on a primary?
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Mar 30, 2008
The default 1000 mA output are possible on a fresh primary cell, i. e. at cell voltages >= 3.0 V. As the cell voltage goes down during discharge the output will decrease a little, but not significantly. For 1200 mA you will need a rechargeable Li-Ion however. At any rate, rechargeables are the better choice in terms of output and overall efficiency.