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Mar 12, 2011
Champlain Valley
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Put smiles on the faces of loved ones.
Holiday Gift Ideas

The giving season is upon us and I would be a terrible maker/small business owner if I didn't suggest a few of my designs as "the perfect gift."

The truth is just about all of my wares will fit nicely into a stocking and I really believe there's something for everyone here – the writer, the EDC enthusiast, the executive. A pocket flashlight is a great way to say "I love you and I want you to always be safe," while a spin top says "you mean much more to me than a crappy fidget spinner."

Scroll on and gift away! Happy Holidays everyone.

"This pen is beautifully machined and a joy to use. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it is already my favorite pen by far." - Cyril B.

Out with the old, in with the new! I've made some changes to the Alpha pens and these older models have to go! Take 15% OFF by using code PENS15 at checkout.

If you have a writer or C-suite exec in your life, you cannot go wrong with an Alpha. Perfect for penning the next novel or leaving a John Hancock on an important deal or document.

(If you do get one don't forget to add a polishing cloth...)

"We bought these tops as a wedding gift. They are incredibly beautiful and embody the importance of play, independent stability, and quality. Quality materials for quality tops. Quality time for quality people and sustained relationships!" - Andrew C.

It's kind of an arbitrary decision on my part to choose the solid copper over all the other designs. No matter which one you select you're going to get great performance and spin time ... provided you practice a little. I love the look of the copper with the ruby contact point and think it makes a better gift than 100% of the fidget spinners out there. Because #****spinners.

"This little engine is a marvel of physics and is entertaining for all ages, IMHO. Thanks for making this readily available in the USA domestic market. I look forward to more gems in the future." - Bruce

These beautifully-designed engines convert a small temperature difference into motion. Light the small burner and the tiny flame will get the nano cannon engine running at a blistering 2000 RPM. Patented by Robert Stirling in 1816, the design is being investigated by worldwide energy companies because of its amazing efficiency -- almost 40% more efficient than photo-voltaic panels.

These engines are incredibly hard to get. As far as I know I'm the only retailer in the US carrying them. Quantities are extremely limited. Great gift for that STEM-y person in your life. Watch the video to see how they work.

"I've never had more fun playing with something so sophisticated." - Bruce S

The KS90 works on the same principles as the Nano-Cannon - a small difference in temperature between the two plates is enough to drive the engine. Like the Nano-Cannon these are in short supply and make awesome gifts for someone's office or library space. A conversation starter if ever there was one.

"I love these clippers! It feels like you are using a quality tool when using them and it does feel more natural and ergonomic. I enjoy clipping my nails now and look forward to it."
- Ryan

Nail clippers are funny. I think most people are content buying the cheapest drug store-bought set and calling it a day. For the rest of us who actually care about performance and appearance there is the Klhip.

Designed by a guy I know in Ketchum, Idaho, they are without question the best pair I've ever used. Perfect for that well-groomed someday in your life. You also get to have that moment when the recipient opens the gift and goes, "Nail clippers? Really?" ... and then tries them for the first time. Priceless.

***20% OFF***

"I love this flashlight, its bright, reliable and even came with a rechargeable AAA battery so it worked right out of the case." - Stephen S.

I agree with everything Stephen says. The fact that they ship with a battery make them an even better gift. Are there few things more frustrating than "Batteries Not Included?"

Besides all that, the Beta may just be the perfect Prometheus Lights gift. Slides nicely into the stocking; pops easily onto a keychain for immediate use. If Santa used a flashlight there's no question he'd go with a Beta.

Take 20% OFF all Betas using code BETA20 at checkout.