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Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 16, 2002
I currently use a Fenix RC09 on my baseball cap and Klarus XT12GT in my pocket. Both work pretty well, but I am looking to upgrade.

For my cap, I want something that has more lumens and longer run time. It could be another light that uses a 16340 battery or, possibly, an 18350 battery.

For my pocket, I want a thrower. The Klarus has good throw, but I think I can do better. Should I stick with a single 18650 or do I want one that runs two, or more, 18650s? I don't necessarily want a longer light, so I guess that could man a soda can light that is a thrower or something like the Nitecore EC4GTS that has a pair of side-by-side 18650s. How would the throw of the Nitecore EC4GTS compare to the Klarus XT12GT? Or, should I look at a thrower that uses a 26650 battery? What would be my best/better choices there?


Jun 7, 2017
I might go with an Emisar D4, plus a D1 or a D1S for throw (intl-outdoors sale right now, $35 each; I like mtn electronics, but they seem to be out of stock in some colors/LED at the moment). You can get different length battery tubes that will fit all those lights if you want to try the weight/usefulness of an 18350 or 18500 cell. For true throw without putting out a wall of light, physics demands a single LED with a larger reflector (see the D1 vs D1s). There are more expensive lights that can get you different beam shapes/colors, UI, durability, etc.; but, for the money, the Emisar line is a great way to see what you like and what you don't, without breaking the bank; lego some different battery tube lengths and colors for some "custom" options.

My personal preference for outdoor use is higher CRI and warmer color temp, so I like my 219C version; but, my second-favorite is the warmer color 4000K XPL-HI, which is more efficient in terms of lumen-hours per cell. Its surprising on my mountain bike how much better my brain perceives grass and dirt depth and texture with warmer, higher quality light. Even if it is all in my head, I like it!