Sold/Expired Horween Leather Valet Trays (in 3 Sizes), & One off Field Notebook Case



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Sep 13, 2010

Up for offer are Horween Chromexcel leather valet trays in three sizes, Regular, Large and Extra Large. They serve as a classy solution to edc clutter. The proper home for the items emptied from your pocket at the end of the day. With the grain side of the leather facing up, the attractive valet makes a pile of items look like intentional style. The flesh side down provides a soft surface to protect the furniture or counter it rests on. Made from the best quality full grain leather, Horween Chromexcel in dark brown, it will become even more attractive over time. Solid copper saddler rivets are ruggedly durable, and add a classic detail.

(*items pictured with valet trays and field notebook case are not included with sale, they are for display and scale only;)

The regular size, 8 oz leather, Base interior measures 6"x4.5"

- Asking $75.00, via Paypal, shipped USPS Priority CONUS.



The Large size, 11 oz leather, Base interior measures 8"x5.5"
- Asking $95.00, via Paypal, shipped USPS Priority CONUS.


The Extra Large size, 11 oz leather, Base interior measures 10"x7"
- Asking $105.00, via Paypal, shipped USPS Priority CONUS.


Purchase all three sizes together s as a matching set, while available, for a discounted $189.00, via PayPal, shipped USPS Priority CONUS.

Something new, a field notes case. I made this one with the nature lover in mind, but could fit so many daily activities. This is a one off, not sure if I'll be making more. Made from beautiful Horween Cavalier 4 oz leather in Green Pastures. This is also a one off color from the tannery. The field notebook pocket is sized for a snug fit of a 3.5"x5.5" notebook. The overall dimensions of the leather case are 3.875"x6.25". On the front is a pocket for a small pen or pencil, and additional pocket'll have to use your imagination. That extra pocket is about 2.25"x3". I molded the pockets to sit up some so they would not force the interior notebook pocket out of shape depending on what is in them. Fit the objects that best suit you, and the leather will break in and mold itself over time as you carry it in a pocket. Saddle stitching is all done in a cream Ritza tiger thread.
- Asking $55.00 $49.00, via Paypal, shipped USPS Priority CONUS.




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