How about these D-Cells?

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I saw these on eBay. 9,000 mA NiMh D-cells sounds like a nice proposition for my 4 D Maglite plus it comes with a charger for NiCd or NiMh batteris. $53.00 isn't bad for those batteries and a charger. Hell, buying 4 new D-cells all the time would easily equal that.

Now, not being an expert on batteries... Is 9000mA a lot for a D Battery? It would seem to me that 9 amps is a WHOLE LOT unless I am interpreting something wrong here?


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Mar 27, 2002
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I bought some no-name Chineses 9000's from an EBAY vendor w/o the charger about 3 months ago and am happy with them. I can't either veryify or disclaim the run time, though. I had a hobby shop build 12 of them into a battery pack that has two 6.2 V connectors for charging and a 14.4 V connector to drive various 12 V high current light sources. The cells successfully handle a 4.7 A load without much voltage drop.

I negotiated the vendor into selling me 16 of them for $116 plus shipping -- that's $7.25 @.
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