How much will Lithium AA improve infinity?

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Just got a new Infinity task light in white, it appears to be the newer generation because it came with a pocket clip and seems anodized rather than the flaky black paint I have heard about. My chief complaint with this light is that it seems much dimmer than my photon II. Will a lithium AA improve this much? Which brand should I buy? How much should it cost? Im not up for modifying the light in any way, just hoping the new lithiums will improve it ALOT!! Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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Sep 28, 2000
I have found there is a difference from one Infinity to another. I have one that is pretty bright (not up to the Photon) and another that is sad. I have bought many (and returned two, they quit working) and no two are alike, some are dim, some are more blueish than white (the blueish seem very dim). The lithuim will help. But not that much. Polishing the reflector will also help and doing both will help even more however, if yours is dim to begin with you may want to return it to CMG with a note asking if this performance is normal. Ask them for one that is more white and request the new "smoke color" it`s silver I`m told and will give you more of a reflector. Just a thought