How old is your light?


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Feb 18, 2008
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mdocod seems to have the oldest light, so far.

It's often funny how you use something often and over time you forget how old it really is. Tools are a good example of this. I have many tools handed down to me from my Grandfather, etc.

I guess my intention was to see who was still using older flashlights, but I think we all love to see antiques as well.

Didn’t realize this was thread of the oldest light but most used. In that case my honor goes to my small brass 2x C cell lantern. It’s got it’s patent number on the side but it’s so old the first number or so have worn off. “a year or two ago I sat in front of my computer imputing the last numbers 7.543 while guessing the first and I found it” from what I remember it was made in the 1920’s “maybe 24” by a man named Adolph “something” I remembered that because I though during the time the Nazi’s Adolph had yet risen to full power. Anyways the light seems to be quite weather sealed by what seems to be cloth:ohgeez: and had a switch which has a momentary “on” function if pressed in but if it’s pressed in than moved to the side, it stays on. I can guess it was used for naval purposes “well that’s what my grandmother told me when se gave it to me:rolleyes:. Through it would be good for corrosion resistance.

It looks dull but that is my camera’s fault:sigh:.

The inside brass looks quite clean for 84 years old:thumbsup:, and to be safe I never leave batteries in it.


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Mar 17, 2008
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I've got a number of older Maglites (pre-rams head); 2D, Minimag, Solitaire, but they're used only very occasionally. My 4D Dogwalker has been sitting since we lost our Golden in May but its only a few years old.

Oldest occasionally used light is an Ash Flash Searchlight Lantern, a recently purchased replacement for a childhood favorite bought from Von Tobels in Las Vegas in the early 1970s.


Oldest is a Niagara Cub, No. 21, reportedly made in the 1930s. It is nonfunctional because one of the battery contact strips broke. It looks like it takes 4-C cells.

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