How to get Regulated Light on a NoN-Regulated Headlamp


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Jan 27, 2010
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It's called a driver, and they're available from many sources. But to pick the right one, you'd need a lot more information, like what is the LED, what are the batteries, how much room do you have, what kind of performance do you want?

A light that's built as unregulated probably has either three alkaline cells in series or one or more lithium cells in parallel. That's not usually great for adding a driver, but give us some details and we'll see what we can suggest.


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Apr 5, 2013
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I was wondering if the Petzl Tikka XP 2 or Black Diamond SPOT which are non-regulated can be easy adapted to be regulated in the way that BD Storm is, till 75% of battery and from there non-regulated.

"Regulated: The Storm headlamp runs on a power regulated
circuit. Therefore, light output will be constant until the
battery voltage reaches approximately 4.7 volts. It then
transitions into a non-regulated system to extend battery
life and to maximize efficiency. "

As I understand from reading here on the forum:

"The battery level indicator known from the Spot - when the light is powered on in white mode, the battery meter on the side of the headlamp will show for 3 seconds:

  • Green – more than 75% - this is a very important information since, in this headlamp, it means also the time during which the light is regulated.
  • Orange - from 25 up to 75% (non-regulated)
  • Read – below 25% (non-regulated)"

I guess that BD will get some new headlamps models or revision maybe sometime in the near future as I understand Petzl will do (tikka RXP and R+), but maybe they will still need some modifications.

As I saw, BD has now a Spot revision with 130 lumens (not 90) and some touch screen button for dimming (horrible if will not gonna work with gloves), and I could not see the battery indicator on the new Spot revision. Also the new Spot is Non-Regulated as far as I understood.

I was thinking that maybe between the original circuit and the battery power source of the two non-regulated lamps (ptz tikka xp2 && bd spot) can be monted somehow a small circuit that will regulate the power.

Also, I was thinking to regulate in the same way (75% regulated, 25% non-regulated) a normal chinese flashlight which is just a simple led, a swich and 3 aaa, and a chinese headlamp which has some circuit and rezistor on it.

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