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Husky 2pk (2 lights) 500 lumen Unbreakable High/Low 4xAA $16 - Home Depot

Derek Dean

Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 14, 2006
Monterey, CA
Yep, this is a pretty good deal. I was looking for a flashlight for my car, so I wanted something in AA format so I could use lithium cells and not worry about corrosion, and I found this deal at Home Depot:

I just got home and checked these bad boys out, and they are very nice. 2 lights and 8 Energizer AA (alkaline) batteries for $16. Lifetime warranty, and if you check out the on-line videos, you'll see that these will take a beating and keep going.

Typical beam, reasonably even, with a small hot spot for excellent throw, and a medium level spill. The LOW level isn't that low, but at least it's got a lower level. Comes ON in HIGH, and you can either turn the light on/off to cycle high to low, or half press..... and it resets after 10 seconds to start the cycle over.

Excellent build quality, thick aluminum body with good grip handle and heavy rubber on both ends to absorb shock. 2 O-rings to keep out water. Each light weighs 360 grams (without batteries).

One light will go in the car and one stays inside to hand to neighbors when they want to "borrow" a light : )

I don't know how long this sale will last (I think this is a discontinued model), or whether it's just a west coast thing.... so check your local store first. By the way, they had a bunch of these 2 packs, but they weren't with all the other flashlights, they were in the Discount bins up front.
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