I’m looking for a driver to possibly run a 6mm 5v laser plus a xplhd


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Feb 5, 2021
I'm just getting started in the light modding/making (still trying to make since of it all). There is a LOT of info here. I'm not seeing anything much with the search tool. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. On the other hand if this is a relatively rare topic, I'm hoping to find some answers either way.

I took apart an olight baldr mini (laser weapon light) In hopes of putting this in a tail switch configuration to carry as a pointing tool as well as a light source for my job. It's often difficult to see or understand what someone may be talking about when your wearing earplugs in a less than ideal lighted manufacturing environment.

I know the laser needs 5v to run and not really sure how to configure the XP-L-HD and laser together. I'm sure a driver exists. I'm a rookie! Need some advise.

This is my first post I'm hoping I've found the correct place for this type of discussion. Don't be too hard on me lol. I'll figure it out.
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