I got my light ( my own Dereetlight CL1HV3 )


z_gray wolf

If anyone read my first post it was about the need to light up a coyote at

40+ yards. I was all set on a fenix LD20 R5 2xAA.

Without having an understanding of LED flashlights all I focused on was Lumens,

and how many a light had.

Hey if it had a bunch of Lumens is was good correct ??

I also explained that all I had at the present time was a 2D Mag light with the LED,

and a little Mini mag. The 2D mag light would throw to 40+ yards but it was just to much to handle, unless I wanted a crowbar and a club at the same time.

Mag lights are fine don't get me wrong, they put out some light. But for my environment being in the back woods of Maine and having to deal with two big dogs and perhaps a shot at a Coy-dog--well You could say my needs were not close to being filled for what I needed. The worst part was being retired didn't leave me much for a new light.

The fine folks here at the forum gave me a bunch of advise and suggestions, and I realized I was under thinking my light needs in relation to my out door needs.

Well a fine gentlemen ( JSLAPPA ) Said he wanted to give me a flashlight.

Yes he said give it to me, I almost fell over with gratitude.

Well men he mailed it on Sat. and I got it today.

It's a Dereelight CL1H V3 with a reflector that throws far and a 3 stage

push button. Low, Med,. and high, it came in it's own box with extra O rings and

a black replacement switch cover for the back, and a 2500 Ma. 1860 battery. It's Gray and it looks new.

I wont attempt to do a review but I can give you my thoughts on this fine light

I held off till dark ( what else could I do ) We went outside with the Mag light

and the CL1HV3 snow cover and dark. I must say the new light out shines the

Mag light. They both work to 50 yards with no problem but the Dereelight

would break right through the brush and trees and keep on going.

At about 65 yards the Mag light started to show it was not keeping up.

But the Dereelight still could define a dog from a cat from a person.

At about 85 yards it was no contest the new light was clearly the winner.

I could see a person at 90 yards with no problem.

John has been very helpful to me and patient with my questions.

Inside it lights up the 15'X26' House (camp ) I only have a small 1 pixel Camera but with no flash I could take pictures at about 8 to 10 feet with it.

It has a nice center spot with plenty of fill on the sides. I don't no what F stop the camera is, it only has one.

I am sorry for such a new guy kind of report on the light. i am trying to learn as much as I can.

Was this a great thing to do ? YES ----Am I thank full -- Yes I am.

I hope I can get a charger soon and another battery.

thank you all


I will post again as soon as I learn more but I am reading every day.