I made a pair of whistles


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Oct 28, 2007
Sitting' on the dock o' The Bay...
I made a whistle for my daughter in a spur of the moment mad dash to get her something to take with her on her school trip. The first one was fairly small at 1" X 5/8" (about 25mm X 16mm). The window was hand cut so it looks pretty bad, but, it works great.


She then wanted me to make another one with a key ring attachment. Kids! So I made this one for her:



This one has a slightly lower pitch than the first one and is 2" X 9/16" (about 50mm X 14mm). Both whistles make about 110dB. The sound chamber in the first one is about 5/8" long while the second one is about 3/4" (16 and 19mm, respectively). Yes, I could have saved a lot of time driving to the store to buy one, but, it was a fun project and my daughter can say that her dad made that whistle for her. How many kids can say that?