Ideas for smoother extraction of Scorpion in Nylon sheath


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Jul 31, 2001
San Gabriel Valley + Burbank
I have a Scorpio and the Streamlight sheath that goes with it, the problem is, the rubber grip of the body creates a rough surface, that clings onto the shealth making removing the flashlight, a 2 handed operation. One hand to hold down the sheath, another to pull out the light. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it slip out? I was thinking of putting in some type of liner inside, but where would I get such a thing.
Thanks in advance.


A couple of Christmas's ago I bought a Scorpion for my brother. For his birthday I got him a tactical holster from Blade-Tech. Blade-Tech makes these out of Kydex and they are awesome. You can order them to carry the light vertically head up, head down, or horizontally. Check 'em out at and they can be had for around $24. They only list them for Surefire's on their website, but you can call them or e-mail them and ask them to make one for the Streamlite. They built the one for me at no additional cost.

Hope this helps