im wanting to mod a headlight with a SST-99


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Jan 27, 2014
im wanting to mod a headlight with a SST-99 IVE got one that I'm working on now but I'm not shore the headlight can handle it came with ONE CREE XML T6 .. is there any headlight's out there the may make a good housing for what I'm trying to build I'm happy with any I've seen with a XML T6 ANYWAY compared to my flashlight that has the same LED its a trustfire T1 XML T6 1600LM the headlight fall short in comparison I'm using the headlight for hunting


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Oct 31, 2002
to get any "gain" from the SST, you have to punch EXTREME more power into the led - compared to the XM-L.
so it does not really make sense to do that mod.

also Your headlamp might not be as bright as the "comparison" lamp, because - in general - its driver does not give "normal" power to the led
(a headlamp usually should offer looong runtime, not most brightness)

so, to sum up:
* without changing the DRIVER (to something putting more power into) nothing will change
* ("just" with the SST instead of the XM-L, the bream will most likely be much "worse", extremely floody. So the effect will be negative ((a fact, not a guess!)) )
* when metal housing, no problem to have an XM-L be powered good, just make sure there is a thermal path.
* ------ " -------, even the SST should work.
... but not with the possible max of 9 A!