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Sep 1, 2020
This is about securing and retrieving flashlights, not so much about any particular everyday carry item. So, what's your method? Front pocket, backpack, attached/detached lanyard, glove box, sheath, lights staged in different areas, all of the above?

I recently separated my every day carry items into two categories: backpack (BP) and immediately accessible (IA). The difference being I don't always want to stop, dig around in a pack and go from there. To solve this I put certain items in my pockets for immediate accessibility. IA items usual relate to defense and utility, as it pertains specifically to lights I typically put my headlamp in the pack and my handheld in my pocket.

The straps of the headlamp wrap up neatly in the small pack's upper frontmost pocket with an in-pocket lanyard (more on that later). The handheld fits neatly into the side knife pocket of all my cargo pants and shorts which brings us to my general rule of always trying to maintain two points of retention. For the handheld, for instance, the two points are the knife pocket plus a lanyard ran to my belt made of cobra braided 550 paracord. The lanyard is long enough I typically don't have to detach the light from the lanyard's carabiner to use it.

I once had a drill sergeant with a Ranger tab on his shoulder. He passed on a lot of solid lessons from that part of his career. One that stuck with me was this: cordage is cheaper than an article-15. Point being if you don't want written up with docked pay for losing gear then tie everything to yourself. I never lost anything after that which eventually developed into my two points of retention mentality.

This especially helps to combat the routine forgetfulness that comes with sleep deprivation which I find myself dealing with all too often. Now I go so far as to sew lanyards with carabiners inside my backpacks incase I forget to zip a pocket. Old Sergeant Baker was right, paracord is still way cheaper than any hassle or headache.
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Dec 7, 2022
West Virginia, North America
I've lost a Maglite in the woods, in a pouch even. I was young and didn't have it on a belt but in the pocket of some sportive shorts.

I had just put some Panasonic AA alkalines in it too but hadn't used it. They were just such a great price at Big Lots in 1999 or so. When I stumbled upon it the next spring the pouch was ruined, water leaked in and ruined the relector, but the batteries were dead but didn't leak, perhaps it had turned on???

I learned from this and keep lights secure when out and about. As for lanyards getting a light with the lanyard in a place is a problem if you carry in a pouch. Only light that seems to have solved this issue is Securiled. If you are LEA make sure you have the stretch lanyard so you don't get strangled with it like that Dutch police Strobe report suggests.

As for lanyard everything in seems NZ SF does that with Steyr Aug mags. I guess it is an expensive bit of kit they don't wish to lose.


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Aug 27, 2022
B.C. Canada
I carry a leatherman on my belt at 4 o'clock position, so my TC15 goes right behind it. I just slide the clip onto my belt, and I can instantly deploy it that way. I've never really had issues with it coming off. I also carry a backup 18650 and a nitecore tiki IWB at 8 o'clock position. They both attach to a homemade clip and I can easily remove them from that. They are not very quick to access, but they don't ned to be. I like to keep my pockets free as much as possible for my phone, wallet, etc.