Importance of Power Factors in Evaluating LED Quality



As bright light LED's in landscape lighting become more popular, installers are confronting power factors for the first time. They install an 8.5W LED and are told to size their 12V transformers as if it were a 12W device. The reason, as I recently learned, is because the actual volt-amps are 12VA. We can no longer go by V x A = W, with LED's it's V x A = W/'power factor'.

My question is, Should installers use power factors as a consideration in evaluating the quality of LED devices?

In other words, if one mfg produces an LED fixture with a power factor of 0.75 and another produces a similar product with a factor of 0.9, should the installer conclude that the one with lower factor is inferior to the other?

If so, what do low power factors tell us about the product?