In praise of fenix


Newly Enlightened
Jan 18, 2009
A little Fenix story...

I use an 'old' Fenix L1D strapped to the side of my caving helmet for emergency and spotting use. Nearing the top of a 50m shaft in one of our UK's classic potholes, I reached up to clip into the belay and dislodged the Fenix (my fault for not attaching it more robustly).

The L1D plummeted 50m onto a solid rock floor and no doubt bounced into the stream which washes down the shaft. It was too late and I was too knackered (carrying heavy digging gear) to go down and get it. Ill come back tomorrow I says to myself. But tomorrow is another day...

The Fenix was found 6 weeks later by a chum. It had been washed down the stream, down another 10m shaft, and along another 50m of passage. It had been underwater for 6 weeks during all kinds of floods, bumping and grinding along with rocks and gravel.

I popped a new battery in and it worked..but not quite properly. A tiny, tiny bit of water had got into the tailcap and buggered up the switch settings. I asked the folk at the shop where I bought it if they had any spare switches and they sent one immediately, free! Superb service.

I think that's a fair test of my Fenix! It's working perfectly again. No water had penetrated the LED head nor the battery compartment.

I'm not saying other flashlights wouldn't have fared as well or better. But I'm impressed at the near indestructability of the Fenix build.

Anyone care to toss their Fenix down a 50m shaft?.... or just toss in your story of flashlight survival!!