Incan vs LED lumens and outdoor usage


Mar 19, 2008
Ok. I am not trying to start an incan vs LED flame war. I have a legitimate question that I would like answered for my own edification.

Recently, I was running a LF P7 TH on my M3's, one was a single level, one was a 3 level. LF claims 950 emitter lumens for their TH - this translates to roughly just over 600 OTF lumens.

Now, my favorite combo in the M3 is the MN11/IMR18500. According to this thread,

the combo gives 20W, 320 - 170 lumen in 28 minutes. Maybe a little brighter given the IMR cells.

Anyway, I was comparing the two outside, and it was obvious that even though the P7 had 2X the OTF lumens, I could see details much more clearly with the MN11. And it seemed to throw just as far as the larger TH.

Now, my question is, is there a rule of thumb of how many lumens and LED must produce to illuminate detail as well as an incan, or is it striclty a function of color temp and CRI?