Information overload



Hello all, I'm new to high end flashlights. I came here looking for research for a TK15 and honestly the more I read the larger my list grows. I went to ebay to look at prices on the new Surefire 6px and G2x lights. That is where I saw the Fenix. Honestly I'd never heard of Fenix. I thought the battle for the brightest light was between Surefire and Streamlight. I had no idea there were so many good lights out there. So my delima is; the more I read the larger my list grows. Below is my list I'm currently considering but I honestly am overwhelmed with them. I'm sure they are all nice and I'm sure they are all much brighter than my current incandescent Streamlight Stinger. I was reading Selfbuilt's review on the JetBeam military lights and to be honest my list grew again.

My question to y'all is which would you pick out of my following list. Is there a better choice I'm not listing. My criteria is; I want the brightest light for ~100.00 or less. I also don't care about dual lumens switching. I don't mind it either but I do want a light that can be set at maximum output and stays there so that when I turn the light on it is already at maximum output.

  1. Olight M21 warrior
  2. JetBeam M3 R5
  3. Eagle Tac T20C2 Mk II
  4. Fenix TK15