Interesting New Lanterns from Fulcrum, Kobalt and Makita


Newly Enlightened
May 12, 2007
I wanted to share some product finds with fellow CPF members. If anyone has any of these products, please share your experiences and let us know what you think of them.

Fulcrum offers LED lanterns with model numbers 24411, 24412, 20020. An interesting feature is that some of them are touch operated. Not very bright, it seems, but still have generally positive reviews.

Kobalt Hypercoil Work Light + Lantern (63453) is very interesting because unlike most other lanterns, it runs off Li-ion batteries and has a mains charger built in.
Here is a video demo:

Makita LXLM03 and Makita BML184 Lights are designed to be work lights but have a wide enough beam that they could be used as lanterns. These also run off Li-ion batteries. Unfortunately, these are proprietary batteries and overpriced but third party ones are available for much less. These are a great option for anyone who has/will invest in cordless tools anyway. Makita seems to be a well known brand and there are references to it in the other forums.

It's good to see more and brighter options in lanterns, and also that Li-ion batteries are making their way into lanterns. :thumbsup: