Interesting Purple LED keychain


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 27, 2002
These Purple LED keychains


sold (real cheap) by Emilion at:
FS: ClearanceSALE!! **Color** LED KeyChains @$0.7~

seem to have enough UV content to fluoresce/reveal a lot of common UV markings on things - it will show

- UV strip on US bank notes - I saw them on $5, $10 and $20 (but could not find any on $1 bills).

- UV strip on a British postage stamp (although I was unable to see any on a US 37cent flag stamp)

Waving it about on things the feint orange bar code on mailed envelopes fair jump out at you as do the orange metered postage marks.

The most interesting revelation was a deep gray/blue metered postage mark - which fluoresced bright orange when this purple LED played over it.

I took a photo with half the mark lit by a white LED and the other half by this Purple LED....

in real life this is much more dramatic with the fluorescent orange fairly jumping out at you......

and yes, it does have both momentary squeeze ON as well as a full-time ON switch (like a cheapo Photon 2)

I really, really like this purple LED keychain - because the visible colored light is cool looking and shows where I'm pointing the light - but the UV content is enough to fluoresce a lot of common things with UV dye markings..... great toy! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif