*International* (USA/Canada) air travel with LiIon Batts


Newly Enlightened
May 26, 2010
I tried to do some searching, most threads I found were a couple years old, and discused domestic travel.

Later this week I'll be traveling for work (from TX to Canada) and want to take my new light, using 1x18650 Li-Ion with me. Reading the FAA website, air travel with one 18650 battery installed in the flashlight should be no problem in my carry-on luggage. But that's for domestic travel, what about across the border?

So regarding air travel between USA Canada ( within Canada)

1) Is the LiIon 18650, installed in the light, allowable (like it would be domestically)? I won't have any spare 18650's just the one in the light.

2) What about LiIon charger, Ultrafire WF-139? (I expect it would be OK, but want to make sure).

3) Any restriction on my Preon Revo and a couple extra AAA alkaline? I'll tape the terminals. (Again, I expect it would be OK, but want to make sure).