Is there a custom flashlight maker in the house?

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Feb 1, 2021
I have a very specific need for a custom made flashlight (or 2 or 4). The goal is no bells or whistles. The brightest light ((more than 1000 Lumen) and the lowest weight and smallest package I can find with a max throw I can get. This is for a drone search and rescue project so weight is key and it must be kept down since weight on the airframe reduces flight time/drone battery life.

Just max on, no need for low, med, high, turbo, just always turbo for at least a half hour with no step down. and using a common rechargable cell. No need for Waterproof to IPX-8 standard as drones dont usually fly in the rain but a modest level of waterproofing would be desirable. No belt clip or lanyard. I will design and make the attach point for the drone.

If I could get to 20 lumens per gram of total weight that would be awesome. The more throw the better.

There is not currently a viable spotlight option for search and rescue for this drone. One company came out with a super heavy and expensive version that produces only 6 lumens per gram of weight so it destroys the drone battery life and flight time. There has to be a better option to help the search and rescue and public safety community to save lives and catch bad guys..


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Dec 20, 2018
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I would recommend contacting Matt Smith at Adventure Sport Flashlights. Sounds like something up his alley. He's pulled off some pretty incredible builds.