Jetbeam Jet 1 Pro IBS V3 Problem on eneloops?



Hi guys, my first post here. I have been lurking around for a while and while I am not a raging flashaholic (yet) I like my torches! Working in wilderness areas in Southern Africa they are literally a life saver. Anyways, over Christmas I got the fantastic light in the title here and have been blown away by its size and performance. I have noticed that (on Alkalines) after a bit of use with a cell it sometimes takes about 10 secs to come on??? It will then click through the various modes no problem. On a fresh battery the problem disappears. Anyway, prior to returning to Africa I got myself (thanks to his forum) some eneloops. To my surprise not one of the 12 cells will work the jetbeam... A bit annoyed as this wonderfull tool seems to be a bit flawed and I head back soon. In my business a light not turning on exactly when you want it, or being in any way unreliable is risky. Those yellow cats eyes need to be seen way in advance!!!! Any ideas or suggestions would be really really welcome, Cheers,


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